Cloud Cred, una nueva opción para divertirse y aprender

Para los que aun no conocen Cloud Cred, este nuevo sitio lanzado recientemente por VMware que brinda la posibilidad de aprender, divertirse y hasta ganar premios por medio de una serie de tareas las cuales puedes escoger a realizar.
La lista es variada y hay temas para todo gusto, desde Bloggers hasta vExperts.

Los invito a participar y por supuesto, a ser miembros del equipo VMUG Costa Rica !!

Los espero!!

What is Cloud Cred?
–        Cloud Cred is a professional peer-based ranking system that makes it easy to identify the most credible, up-to-date and follow-worthy experts on cloud computing. Participants earn points for activities that demonstrate cloud knowledge, which is expressed as a numerical Cloud Cred score and a level of mastery. Achieving a certain Cloud Cred score also unlocks various rewards and incentives.
Cloud Cred es una marca y servicio registrado de VMware.

Useful Blogs about Virtualization / Blogs útiles sobre Virtualización

Quiero dedicar esta publicación para compartir con ustedes Blogs muy útiles sobre virtualización, es posible que ya conozcan a estos autores, pero, solo por si acaso, acá están:

I will like to dedicate this post to share with you very useful Blogs about virtualization, authors that you may already know, but just in case, here they are:

Duncan Epping:
Twitter: @ducanyb

Frank Denneman:
Twitter: @frankdenneman

Scott Lowe:
Twitter: @scott_lowe

Cormac Hogan:
Twitter: @vmwarestorage

Greg Stuart:
Twitter: @vdestination

Patricio Cerda:
Twitter: @patote83

Jose Maria Gonzalez:
Twitter: @jose_m_gonzalez

Chad Sakac:
Twitter: @sakacc

Vaughn Stewart:
Twitter: @vstewed

Forbes Guthrie:
Twitter: @forbesguthrie

Rawlinson Rivera:
Twitter: @punchingclouds

William Lam:
Twitter: @lamw

Si quieren que agreguen su blog a la lista, solo avísenme.

If you want your blog added to the list, just let me know.

Larry Gonzalez

Studying for your VCP 5? Read This

There are many books and guides to read either physical books, website, kindle book, pdfs, etc, so where to start?

There are several resources that present summaries but these are my favorite resources:

This book is a must to have/read, it will not only help you with your certification but will be also a Reference Guide for your day to day work with vSphere, the author is Scott Lowe (, one of the best authors of virtualization books, highly recommended:

Mastering VMware vSphere 5 [Kindle Edition] – Amazon

Also, Brian Atkinson study guide is really good:

VCP5 VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 5 Study Guide: Exam VCP-510 [Kindle Edition] – Amazon

Ok, now you read all the material, you feel good about going to do the exam but, is this your first certification exam? is your first VCP exam? It will be good if you can practice before the exam so I will recommend TestKing ( VCP-510 Questions & Answers, with that practice test you will get an idea of how the exam looks and you can validate your knowledge to see if you are really prepare for the exam.

Well know is up to you, you got the tips, so, good luck on the exam!!!


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